Why freelancers create better ROI

In today’s digitally enabled world, freelancers and freelancing platforms provide skilled resource at the click of a mouse.

But are they worth it?

Yes, it’s easy to get quotes for your projects but how do you know which freelancers are really up for the job?  Will their work be up to scratch?

The simple fact is that if you need to get a project completed super-quick, if you have a resource hungry event looming or if you’re about to hit the busiest time in your calendar year – freelancers could be the answer.


No hiring headaches

The good news is that freelancers don’t command holiday pay, healthcare, maternity pay or sick pay. Equally, when your panic or planned project is over you can let your freelancer go – no questions asked.

Quality is critical

Freelancers strive to produce their best work – why? Because they risk being dropped. They’re judged on results and they’re well aware that their reputation and livelihood are at stake – getting it wrong means much more than the slap on the wrist that a company employee might receive.

Deadlines are the dealbreakers

In most cases deadlines are always achieved by freelancers; it’s their focus. They work to their scope. It’s amazing how project-based pay focusses the mind and makes timekeeping a priority.  Understandably their office-based counterparts have much more to distract them from their deadlines; impromptu management meetings, colleagues’ requests for help, training the graduates the list goes on.

Expertise and specialisms      

The beauty of the freelancer is their expertise. It’s this expertise that you can cherry pick to fill any skills gaps that you might have in your team or to provide the extra support you need to get your project over the line.


Workloads ebb and flow so it goes without saying that sometimes you simply need an extra pair of hands. Cyclical changes in customer demand can create a big strain on resource so it’s great to have a reliable freelancer who can step in and help out. 

Fresh ideas

It’s in their name; freelancers are free. They’re not wrapped up in preconceived ideas. You’ll never here them say “That’s the way we’ve always done it”.  They usually bring with them years of work experience. A colourful background of working across various industries, and companies of all shapes and sizes, gives them a flair for sharing best practice and a practical knowledge of what has worked well elsewhere.

No investment required

Unless you want an office-based person, your freelancer will usually work remotely. So there’s no need to provide desk space, training courses or technology. Once briefed, they’re up, running and ready to go without making any demands on your company resources.


BUT … what about trust and reliability?

Here’s where the risk kicks in. Unfortunately, without the background checks and the lengthy selection process that you’d normally undergo when recruiting an employee, there’s always a chance that your freelancer doesn’t live up to their profile. Of course, freelancer engagements can be ended pretty painlessly but then you’re back at square one.

That’s where The Marketing Bee come in!

Our marketing services approach gives you all the benefits and flexibility of a freelancer without the risk. We know all of our freelancers really well. We work as a virtual team. We support each other. We share learning and best practice. Our bees are the cream of the crop because they’ve all passed our stringent entrance criteria; virtual interviews, face-to-face interview, thorough background check, DBS check and legal checks.

At the Marketing Bee, our mission is to provide our clients with the best IT marketing service so if you’re searching for an IT marketing expert, we’ve got one.