Where has all the B2B Marketing talent gone?

Building a high performing B2B Marketing Team

If you’re reading this and you run a marketing function, it’s likely that you are trying to work out with HR how you can retain your existing marketing team and indeed if you are trying to hire and build a new one, how to attract the best talent.

Unfortunately, businesses can’t afford to pause their need for marketing activity, so it’s unlikely you’ll be off the hook for delivering the marketing KPIs purely because you’re under-resourced.

It’s catch 22.

If you ask your current team to continue to go above and beyond you could risk burning them out and losing them. In fact, you’re probably getting stuck into tasks that you shouldn’t be, purely to keep the marketing engine running. Meaning, you don’t even have the time to pro-actively search for good candidates.  

The Great Resignation

Marketing aren’t the only function who are feeling the pain. Sales are also likely to be under increasing pressure (their targets aren’t going to change). HR can’t keep up with the job requisitions for new hires as well as handling the leavers.

Even the usual recruitment agencies that HR have worked with in the past are drawing blanks. It’s been said that some candidates are even being offered financial incentives to attend an interview!

The impact of talent leaving and making different life choices as a result of the pandemic means that boardrooms are taking employee satisfaction seriously. But, creating a positive culture where employees are extremely satisfied takes time.

Where’s all the B2B marketing talent gone?  

Over the past year, at The Marketing Bee, we’ve attracted a significant number of extremely talented B2B marketers, who have made the decision to start working as freelancers, leaving key roles in corporate organisations.  

They have told us the reasons for doing so are primarily:  

  1. Reflections during the pandemic that ‘Life is too short’ to not be fulfilled and have a good balance (both personally and professionally).
  1. That they have a great deal of experience to offer multiple businesses and being able to transfer that experience and knowledge would feel rewarding.

 However, an area of concern for some is often the thought of working ‘solo’ as a freelancer and not having anyone to bounce ideas off or ask for opinions.

 Why do our Associates choose to work with The Marketing Bee?

Whilst our associates are all independent freelancers, creating an environment of sharing, support, knowledge, and fun is important for all of us.

That means that if one of our associates starts to do some contract work for you, it’s not just that one person. They have got a whole team of highly talented B2B marketers behind them. We love the fact that our associates are able to provide support for our clients across so many areas, ranging from the complexities of GDPR for B2B marketing , best practices in digital marketing and content strategy, marketing automation, ABM plus partner marketing.

Plus, we make sure there’s plenty of other support for them, ranging from coaching sessions through to cocktail making parties!

But you don’t have time, what should you do now?

We know that finding and hiring great B2B marketing people has got harder. But at The Marketing Bee we take the pain away for you (and your colleagues in HR!)

  • Access to highly skilled, experienced B2B marketing professionals according to your specific requirement. 
  • We do all the vetting, background checks and take the pain out of onboarding. 
  • Our associates canhit the ground running and are used to quickly understanding what needs to be done and how to do it

 Get in touch to find out how we can quickly help you fill your resourcing gaps