We Have a Big Announcement!

We have some exciting news!


It is with great enthusiasm that I tell you that The Marketing Bee Ltd has acquired The Channel Consultants Ltd, to include the client consulting business, The Channel School and The Channel Meet Up events.   


This acquisition will enable us to expand our services in technology channel marketing and offer a wider range of services to both our clients, and those of The Channel Consultants.   


The move allows us to: 


  • Offer a truly specialised consulting business around Channel Marketing, and drive lots of new opportunities.
  • Deliver best practice tools and templates to our clients and our Hive Community (more on this in the coming months). 
  • Connect our clients with industry peers and build a channel community through the well-established Global in person event program The Channel Meet Up, which is taking place this year in UK, Boston and San Francisco. 


The Marketing Bee has been running for nearly three years now, and in that time we’ve built a unique marketing-as-a-service model for technology companies, giving access to specialised skills and resources through you, our global community of experienced freelancers.  This model is not changing! 


By joining forces with The Channel Consultants we expand our client base, plus cement our relationship with Jacqui Rand, founder of The Channel Consultants, who is a true expert in channels and has remarkable insights into the industry.   


I’d also like to welcome James Wood to the Marketing Bee team, who joins us to support our marketing and the running of the Channel Meet Up events, alongside Liz McKeown.  And last but not least I’d like to welcome Braden Janse Van Rensburg who joins The Hive as a freelance designer from The Channel Consultants.    


With The Channel School and The Channel Meet Up events, we plan to offer our Hive and our customers access to best practice industry education and regular networking opportunities.  


We believe The Marketing Bee's business model is a game changer for the industry. Not only does it give clients access to a vast pool of global resource at the drop of a hat, it also provides them with the best practice content and resources to fuel their channel GTM, and an opportunity to connect with peers to problem solve, gather feedback, learn about futures. 


It’s going to be an exciting 2023, and I’m looking forward to us doing it together! 


Please do join us for our monthly meet up on 26th January to learn more, register via the portal!